Helen Wright: Publications

Selected Publications

J.P. Springer and H. Wright. (2016) Automatic visualization and control of arbitrary numerical simulations. In Proceedings ECCOMAS Congress 2016: VII European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, June 5 – 10, Crete, Greece
J.F. Garcia Estrada, J.P. Springer, H. Wright. (2015) Simplifying collaboration in co-located virtual environments using the active-passive approach. In Proceedings IEEE Second VR International Workshop on Collaborative Virtual Environments (3DCVE) 2015, pp 1–7, 24 March 2015
K.W. Elner and H. Wright. (2015) Phenomenal regression to the real object in physical and virtual worlds, Virtual Reality 19(1), pp 21 – 31
H. Wright, C. Mathers, J.P.R.B. Walton (2013) Using visualization for visualization: An ecological interface design approach to inputting data, Computers and Graphics 37(3), pp 202–213
D.Q. Ly, L. Paramonov, C. Davidson, J. Ramsden, H. Wright, N. Holliman, J. Hagon, M. Heggie, C. Makatsoris  (2011) The Matter Compiler – towards atomically precise engineering and manufacture. Nanotechnology Perceptions: A Review of Ultraprecision Engineering and Nanotechnology 7(3), pp 199 – 217
H. Wright, R.H. Crompton, S. Kharche, P. Wenisch. (2010) Steering and visualization: Enabling technologies for computational science, Future Generation Computer Systems 26, pp 506 – 513
J.D. Wood and H. Wright. (2008) Steering via the image in local, distributed and collaborative settings, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 20, pp  265 – 276

Individual project pages (‘Research’ tab) list further publications, with DOIs and PDFs as appropriate.

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